Honorary CPawA – April 2022

Don’t worry! That’s not a tiny lion, that’s this month’s Honorary CPawA, Luna.

Madame Luna is sweet and fluffy and always up for cuddles; but don’t let any important cords or strings hang around this cat, she has some strong chompers! In tune with her golden coat, this feline is a beam of sunshine and positivity and never gets tired of giving love.

What is your full name?
Luna Jones

What are your nicknames?
Luna Tuna, Tuna, Madame, Gram Camyum Cimmamim Bum (don’t even ask me about that one, my parents are weird…)

How old are you?
I’m about four.

What breed are you?
Urrr… orange?

Are you an inside or outside cat?
Well, I used to be able to go outside but I kept getting put in cat jail so mom doesn’t allow me out anymore – sometimes I escape still though, hehe.

Where is your favorite place to nap?
I’ll nap anywhere, I’m not choosy. I even like to lie in the middle of the floor.

What’s your idea of the perfect toy?
My favorite toys are those twisty tie things that come on human food, I could play with one of those for hours!

What is the cutest thing about you?
Hmm hard to choose… maybe my furry toe beans?

Do you have a favorite treat?
Food, all the food, human or cat food. Wait, do you have any food? I want some food.

Do you enjoy being pet? If so, favorite spot?
I like when my mom rubs my nose or scritches my butt.

What is your favorite activity to do with your humans?
I like sitting on my moms’ lap and watching them play video games! Or just hanging out with them, I really love cuddling.

You say you love a lot of things, is there anything you don’t like?
I really hate being picked up, I’d rather stay on the ground, thank you.

Any advice you would like to give out?
I don’t know I guess I would say just try to stay positive. As long as you have food and snuggles and a good toy or two life is pretty cool.

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