Honorary CPawA – August 2021

For our inaugural Honorary CPawA segment, I had the pleasure of speaking with one Ms. Ruby.

Ruby was adopted by our paw-some office manager Cary Thomas and her family about 8 years ago when she was just a pup. Friend to all and ready to bark at any sign of trouble with a voice that is magnificently boisterous, here is what Ruby had to say about herself:

What is your full name? Just call me Ruby.

When is your birthday? The humans say it’s on September 29th, and they are the smartest!

Do you know what breed you are? Lots of people think I’m a Border Collie but my humans say I’m a Springer Spaniel/Labrador mix.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend? Oh boy, I have so many favorite activities. I love hiking and swimming!

Do you enjoy water, or are you more of a land lover? Both! As long as I’m out playing, I’m a happy doggo. Sometimes I like to mix both and roll around in big mud puddles. I get so messy, oh man.

Squeaky or bouncy – what do you look for in a toy? Ooh I love a good squeaky toy, ‘cause then I get to destroy that noisy part. But also, one time I had this best friend that I carried around with me everywhere – I think my humans called it “a piece of bread?”

Car ride or long walk? Did you say “walk?!”

What is your favorite treat? Cat food I steal off the counter, mmm.

Favorite human food? The tiny humans leave bowls in the sink after breakfast. I like to grab them out of the sink and lick them clean.

How do you feel about mail carriers? Well, I’m kinda used to them now so I don’t really mind them; but oh man, don’t get me started on those bicycles and skateboards! Those are scary!

Can you do any special tricks? I can sit like a champ! I’m sooo good at sitting.

How do you feel about cats? I love my best cat friend, Tessa! Cats are pretty cool, I like to make friends with them. But squirrels, oh no, there’s one in the yard that makes me crazy! Maybe I should get Tessa to help me catch it…

Do you have a favorite game to play with your humans? Fetch is the best game ever. My humans take me out into the big field and use this cool contraption to throw the ball for me. I like to play and play until I just gotta lie down and rest.

What is your favorite place to be pet? I love butt scratches. I love ‘em so much I greet everyone with my butt first so I can get all the butt scratches.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me, Ruby. Is there anything else you want to tell me? Nope, can I have butt scratches now?

Ms. Ruby, performing her best trick.

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