Honorary CPawA – January 2022

It’s a new year with a new tax season upon us so it’s time for the first Honorary CPawA of 2022, Mr. Dyson! This handsome guy is smart as a tack with tons of energy. Despite being a middle-aged doggo set in his ways, he loves meeting new people and animals. Hold onto your shoes and socks though, cause he’ll steal ‘em practically right off your feet!

What is your full name?
Dyson Thornwood Lindsey

What are your nicknames?
Mr. Bewty, Bewtykins, Mister Mister, Cutie Patootie with a Bewty, Mr. Nubbins’, Goober Loober

What age are you/When is your birthday?
6¾, but I’ll be turning 7 in February!

What breed are you?
Black Lab/Australian Shepherd

Do you have a favorite activity?
I enjoy lounging around most days while my mom is working, but I love when she takes a break to take me outside for walkies. She also gives me carrots and puzzle toys filled with treats to keep me busy. Tuesday is daycare day which means I get to spend the entire day playing with my doggo friends!

Where is your favorite place to nap?
Mom’s bed or the couch. I’ll tolerate my bed, but only if I gotta.

What’s your idea of the perfect toy?
Hmmm, something fuzzy so I can nibble it and play tug, or a ball for fetch!

What is the cutest thing about you?
I have no tail, just a nubbins. My mom is obsessed with it. I’ve also been told my floppy ears are pretty adorable too!

What is your favorite treat?
Carrots are one of the top, but I also love when mom shares her chicken or fruit.

Do you enjoy being pet? If so, favorite spot?
There is a spot on my back near my nubbins that makes my booty shake every time I get scratches there. I also enjoy a good scratch under my collar.

What is your best trick?
I am great at “shake” and “high five!”

Who is your favorite human?
My mom, of course! She showers me with love and treats so I follow her around all day.

Are you afraid of anything?
I get really scared of loud noises. I really don’t like it when the humans set off those big, loud fire balls in the sky.

What is your favorite game?
Fetch! Paws down!

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