Honorary CPawA – March 2022

It’s the luck o’ the toe beans with this month’s Honorary CPawA, Blueberry.

We’re sorry we missed last month’s CPawA so to make up for it, we’re giving you an extra helping of cuteness. Mischievous and goofy, Blueberry knows how to cause trouble and get away with it by being irresistibly adorable. Not yet an adult, she’s got years of pulling shenanigans on her humans ahead.

What is your full name?
Blueberry Jones

What are your nicknames?
Blue, Bluebies, Blueseph, Bluebaroni and Cheese, Bluesephberry, Bluebaronie…the list goes on…

How old are you?
I turn two real soon!

What breed are you?
Polydactyl Blue Point Siamese

Do you have a favorite activity?
Makin’ biscuits and playing.

Where is your favorite place to nap?
My bed or mom’s lap.

What’s your idea of the perfect toy?
Everything and anything, I’ll even play with dust bunnies.

What is the cutest thing about you?
My mittens, of course!

What is your favorite treat?
Cheetos – I like to lick the dust off of mom’s when she isn’t looking, shh…

Do you have a best friend?
Yeah! I have lots of best friends. There’s Luna, and Roxie, and the other cat who lives across the backyard and and and my squirrel friend who comes onto the patio! And my moms, I like making friends!

Do you enjoy being pet? If so, favorite spot?
I like butt pats and chin scritches.

Do you have a favorite season?
Mmm I don’t know, my moms keep trying to get me outside but I don’t really like it… they even try to put me in that chilly stuff but it’s too cold on my peepaws.

What is your best trick?
I can open doors with my mittens sometimes, one time I opened the bathroom door on my mom and she got angry; but that’s my favorite place! And it’s not my fault she didn’t lock the door!

Who is your favorite human?
Both of my moms, they are the bestest.

Are you afraid of anything?
Sometimes I get scared of strangers, especially if they are loud and come inside; but eventually I warm up.

Do you have a favorite song?
I do! My moms like to make up songs about me and I really really like the one about me zooming!

How does it go?

“I’m a little Bluebie, grey and small,
Here are my mittens, part of my paws,
When I get all zoomed up, watch me go,
Now you see me, now you don’t!”

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