Honorary CPawA – November 2021

This month’s CPawA is the adventurous and lovable Tessa. She found her furrever home on August 18, 2012 with our admin Cary and her family. This vivacious feline has a unique purr-sonality with an unlikely best friend to match.

What is your full name?

What are your nicknames?
They call me Princess Monster Truck or, more aptly, Queen of the Neighborhood.

What age are you?
A young and vibrant thirteen.

Are you an inside or outside cat?
While I enjoy snuggling inside, the outside calls to me. Mom tried to keep me inside until I made holes down to the floorboards by the doors…

Do you have a favorite weekend activity?
Sleep – isn’t that everyone’s favorite activity?

Where is your favorite place to nap?
I like to change it up. When it’s cold I like to snuggle into the laundry basket or in the tiny beds made for dolls or even my humans’ beds. But! When it’s warm out, my favorite nap spot is my dirt hole under the tree outside.

Bells or crinkles – what’s your idea of the perfect toy?
Crinkle no-bells, crinkle no-bells, crinkle all the way!

Do you enjoy hunting? If so, what is your favorite thing to catch?
Mmm, mmm, mice! Sometimes I go for the birds though. I tried to catch that pesky robin in the spring, but I missed it so it terrorized me all summer!

What is your favorite treat?
I like when the humans put food on the counter to keep it away from the dog because then it’s my turn to snack! Shh, don’t tell the humans we’re working together.

Do you have a best friend?
Duh! My partner in crime Ruby, of course! I show my love for her by licking inside her ears – it’s a best friend thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Do you enjoy being pet? If so, favorite spot?
Love it! Especially spine scritches!

Who is your favorite human?
I love all my humans so I show them by switching up who I cuddle with. It’s hard work having so many people to love, ya know?

Is there anything you would like the world to know?
Sometimes people think cats are mean, but it’s not true! When the tiny humans were even tinier and would pull on my tail I wouldn’t get mad at them because I love them so much!

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