Honorary CPawA – October 2021

The title of Honorary CPawA this month goes to Ms. Roxie.

Admin assistant Else was chosen by this purrfect queen nearly 11 years ago; but don’t let her age fool you, this fierce feline is still as sharp as her claws.

What is your full name?
I am Miss Roxanne Hart, but you can call me Roxie.

When is your birthday?
Every day is your birthday when you’re the queen.

Do you know what breed you are?
I’m a domestic short hair with tuxedo coloring, obviously.

Do you have a favorite weekend activity?
Weekends are when I get to see my moms and cuddle with them – only in the exact way I like though, of course.

Where is your favorite place to nap?
Either in mom’s spot on the couch or at the tippy top of the cat tree, so the other cats know who’s boss.

Bells or crinkles – what do you look for in a toy?
I prefer silent toys that I can throw high up in the air, bonus points if mom sprays them with catnip first. My favorite is my strawberry, but I keep losing it…

How do you feel about the red dot?
The red dot? Where?! Did you see it? Where did it go?

What is your favorite treat?
Well, I already get fancy wet food twice a day so mom doesn’t really give me treats anymore, but I used to love freeze dried salmon.

Wow, wet food twice a day? How did you score that?
Well, I don’t have any teeth so I can’t chew dry food. The other cats get so jealous, mwahaha.

What is your favorite human food?
Blech, I never touch the stuff.

Special tricks?
Uhh, being adorable.

Favorite place to be pet?
Just my back. Please do not touch my face, my ears, my paws, my legs, or my tail. I am very particular.

Favorite season?
I enjoy the spring when all the birds are out and I can watch them in the window.

What do you have to say about people calling you grumpy?
I’m not grumpy, I’m picky. A queen must choose her subjects wisely.

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