Honorary CPawA – September 2021

This month’s Honorary CPawA is none other than the elegant Mr. Tigger.

The founder of Innov8 CPAs, Wendy Wixson, adopted Tigger ruff-ly two years ago and he always brings a pawsitive attitude when he visits the office. Chatting with Tigger was a real treat, as always.

What is your full name?
It’s just Tigger. You know, T-I-double GUH-ER!

When is your birthday?

Do you know what breed you are?
I am a complicated mélange of various Terrier breeds.

Do you have a favorite weekend activity?
Well, on Fridays my friend visits and takes me for a walk, I love walks!

Water or land?
Oh no, no water, please. I prefer land. I won’t even drink out of a pond, too scary!

Squeaky or bouncy – what do you look for in a toy?
Snuggly. My favorite toy is my little pink elephant – I love the stuffing out of it, literally.

Favorite game to play with your human?
Mmm, I don’t much like to play games. I never understood the appeal of fetching.

Favorite place in Bellingham?
I like when Mom brings me to work, cause then I get sooo much attention.

Favorite treat?
My friend, who comes on Fridays, she makes homemade treats. She’s the best. One Friday I was gone, I went to the salon to get all handsome for a photoshoot (for this interview), and she left my treat on the counter just for me!

Favorite human food?
As long as it’s not green, I love it! No veggies, please.

How do you feel about new people?
I love people! I’m so cute, so I get lots of attention! I don’t like it when other dogs are around, I want all the pets.

Do you have any special tricks?
Being cute, hehe. Sometimes I bounce on my hind legs for pets though.

How do you feel about cats?
I am not a fan.

Favorite place to be pet?
Belly rubs!

Favorite season?
I like the summer, it’s the only time it isn’t raining.

Is there anything else you want to tell the world?
Pet me and let me sit on your lap, please!

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